Friday, March 27, 2009

Body Talk...

"Body and Souls"
© Lloyd Pollard 2009
8"x10" colour photograph

First published in this blog.
Previously not exhibited.

The body is sacred.
It carries many things:

our joys,
our pains,
our ancestors,
our hopes,
our fears,
our silences,
our failures,
our children,
our gods,
our culture,
our lovers,
our loves,
our dreams,
our destiny,
our divinity,
our creativity,
our humility,
and our humanity.

The body is our prayer to all things and our instrument of worship to the fates.
Live in it wisely.
Express yourself with it authentically.
Love with it attentively.


delphy said...

inthresting overall composition
makes you think

teresasilverthorn said...

Amazing...and true, from the perspective of a woman's plight. All eyes upon her, her eyes upon all.

Pollard said...

TS, thank you for that additional insight: "All eyes upon her, her eyes upon all." Yes! How true.