Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sacred Fashion: VOGUE

"Vogue Mask"
© Lloyd Pollard 2009
8"x10" black & white photograph

First published in FLICKr and TUMBLr(Feb 10).
Previously not exhibited.

Fashion is sacred.
The energy of the body must be properly attired to ensure that it moves, radiates and attracts according the soulful needs of the moment. Clothing reinforces the divine nature of the rituals we engage in daily. It transforms the spirit, magic and energy of the wearer.

Our choice of clothing reveals the current state of our body, mind and soul.
How you garb your body is as important as what you feed it and how you move it.
Choose wisely and take no aspect of your body's maintenance for granted. Respect the temple from which your divine radiates.

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