Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chaos and Change...

"The eye of chaos..."
8"x10" © Lloyd Pollard 2007
clour photograph
First published in this blog.
Previously unpublished and not exhibited.

The power, magic and fear of chaos lies in our perception of it.

Chaos is seen by some as the source from which all possibilities arise and the world was created.

It is also seen by others as proof of our moral failings and a breakdown in our value system. Anarchy.

Sages see it as a point of transformation, a necessity if we are to grow and move to the next level of our existence.

Chaos is a an aspect of change.

In the natural, ever changing chaotic world, we can be seen, on occasion, as a source of order, balance and meaning, through our perceptions and actions.

We can be a source of the peace we seek.

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