Thursday, October 30, 2008

solemn and glove

'Solemn & Glove (Natasha)' 8"x10" © Lloyd Pollard 2008
black & white photograph
First published in this blog.
Previously unpublished and not exhibited.

Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she sad?
Sitting there in her own shadow?
On the verge of what, only she knows?

What can it be, such solemnity?
Such unspoken thought?
Such silence of being?

Is there no light?
Is there not somewhere a hand to hold?
A hand of hope?

Just beyond her fears, self-doubt, sadness and pain lies a comfort and salvation in the unseen hands of elders, ancestors and (G)od.
We are never alone.


SLP said...

What a beautiful picture. I love the expression you were able to capture. When I first looked at her, I could see how deep her thoughts were.
I don't think you needed the words to understand this one, but they certainly reflect the image.

A true fan

Pollard said...

Hi slp,
thank you for your feedback on "solemn and glove". I love this image independently too.

But I always love broadening the experience of the work for the viewer by using multiple perspectives, hence the words. I wanted to take the experience one level deeper.

What does everyone else think out there? Do you prefer the image without the words or with? I would love to hear from others. Let's open this to the community.
Thanks slp.